How to Clean Cuckoo Rice Cooker? An ultimate guide

How to clean cuckoo rice cooker

A rice cooker may save you time cooking but may cause trouble while cleaning. This trouble cleaning is not the case with cuckoo rice cookers.

Cuckoo is among the famous brands of rice cookers. It is popular because of its user-friendly and simple interface. Second, the built-in steam function of these rice cookers helps to cook the rice evenly. Third, it can keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours with its keep warm feature. If you have bought a cuckoo rice cooker, it is easy to use and set up the rice cooker.

It is essential to clean the rice cooker to avoid stuck-on food and tricky stains. In this article, we will walk you through the best method to clean the cuckoo rice cooker and share some tips to keep the rice cooker clean regularly.

How to clean the cuckoo rice cooker

How to clean the cuckoo rice cooker?

There are many different dishes you can cook in a cuckoo rice cooker. But while cooking meals, the food may get stuck in other parts. So, let’s know how you can clean this rice cooker.

Before you start cleaning, you need these items.

What you’ll need

Cleaning the cuckoo rice cooker is easy. Follow the steps given below:

1. Unplug the Appliance

Before cleaning, ensure you unplug the rice cooker and that it is not hot. Remove the lid and allow the cooker to cool down completely.

2. Wipe the Exterior

If you regularly clean the rice cooker’s exterior, dirt will start to build up. So, it will make it harder for you to clean it. Try making it a habit to wipe the exterior daily. Use a dry dish towel to clean the exterior, main body, lid, and corners.

Pro Tip: For a pressure rice cooker, replace the rubber packing ring every two years.

3. Clean the Inner pot

Wipe the interior, exterior, and top of the inner pot with liquid dishwashing. Open the lid and remove the inner pot from the rice cooker. It will be simpler to clean if you soak it in warm water before washing it. After that, add some drops of liquid dish wash to your sponge for easy cleaning.

Cleaning Tip: don’t use sharp cutlery items like spoon, fork, or chopsticks to clean the inner pot.

4. Dry clean the inner body and top cover

Use a soft, dry towel to wipe the inner body and lid. Steam from cooking rice sometimes drips down and sticks to the cover; this component needs to be cleaned frequently to stay clean. So, maintaining proper hygiene will make rice taste better and be of higher quality.

5. Wash the water holder

If the water holder is not clean, it may become moldy or smell nasty, so wash it under the tap or wipe it off with a clean cloth.

6. Clean the Steam vent

 First, remove the steam vent valve before you can clean this part. Apply minimal pressure to get out. Once you remove the two pieces of the steam vent,  clean the inside by turning the valve a little. Wash both pieces in water and dry them with a paper towel. After cleaning, attach the rice cooker’s lid’s steam vent valve.

Steam Cleaning Method

Steam Cleaning method

There is also a deep cleaning method to clean the cuckoo rice cooker.

1. Automatic Steam Cleaning

If your model has an automatic steam cleaning feature, follow these steps.

  • Put water in the inner pot until it meets the “2” marker.
  • Select the “Auto Steam Clean” option, then close the lid.
  • To begin, select “Pressure cook.”
  • Once finished, please remove the pot and gently tap the inner lid so that it absorbs the water.

2. Manual Steam Cleaning

If your model of cuckoo rice cooker doesn’t have a steam cleaning program, then use this manual method.

  • Put water in the inner pot until it meets the “2” marker.
  • Put the lid on and choose the “Glutinous rice” option.
  • To begin, select “Pressure cook.”
  • When the water is boiled for 2 minutes, turn off the rice cooker and the “Cancel” button.
  • Please take out the pot and lightly tap the inner lid so that it absorbs the water.
  • Add half a spoonful of white vinegar to the water to effectively clean the machine or to mask odors.

Tips to keep cuckoo rice cooker clean

1. Clean your cuckoo rice cooker after every use. It will make your cleaning process easy and work efficiently.
2. Never clean your rice cooker using steel wool, metal objects, or anything that is highly abrasive. It will harm the device and scrape the hardware.
3. To avoid rice getting sticky and crusty, use suitable cooking methods.
4. After cleaning the rice in the rice cooker, many people need to pay more attention to drying the bottom. Due to this, the rice cooker may cause loud banging noises when cooking. Wipe dry the pot.


The cuckoo rice cooker is the way to go whether you’re looking for a basic one or one with all the bells and whistles. Now you learn how to clean a cuckoo rice cooker. Suppose you still need to buy a cuckoo rice cooker. Get the top rice cooker by looking at the top models. Every home must have a rice cooker.

Cook, eat, and relish!

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