7 Ways to Fix Aroma Rice Cooker Not Working

Aroma rice cooker not working

The Aroma rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that provides ease and simplifies the cooking process. It is a versatile appliance that you can use to cook various types of rice, including white rice, wild rice, sushi rice, and more.

These rice cookers are available in various models and feature a non-stick inner pot, which helps prevent the rice from sticking and burning, and a built-in timer that allows you to set the cooking time and forget about it.

Like other kitchen appliances, Aroma rice cookers may need some help with time. So, let’s find simple solutions to these issues.

Why is my Aroma Rice Cooker not working?

Whether a beginner or an expert cook, the Aroma rice cooker is an excellent addition to any kitchen and can help you prepare delicious and nutritious meals in no time. But it is a mechanical appliance and may cause some issues after multiple uses.

Whatever the electrical appliance is, if it gets older different faults to occur. Some people throw the old one and get a new one. Now the choice is yours whether you want to throw away your rice cooker or fix the issues and use it for longer terms.

7 Solutions for an Aroma Rice Cooker not Working

7 solutions for an aroma rice cooker not working

There could be several reasons why an Aroma rice cooker is not working, including a faulty power outlet, a damaged power cord, a malfunctioning heating element or thermostat, or an issue with the rice cooker’s internal wiring or circuit board.

To troubleshoot the issue, you can try these seven solutions!

1. Check the Power Supply

If your Aroma rice cooker is not working, you can check the power supply first. Here are some steps you can take to limit the power supply:

  • Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into the rice cooker and the power outlet.
  • Test the power outlet by plugging in a different appliance, such as a lamp or phone charger, to see if it works. If the outlet is not working, try plugging the rice cooker into a different outlet.
  • If you’ve ruled out the outlet as the problem, try using a different power cord, if one is available, to see if that resolves the issue.

2. Check the Thermal fuse

Another issue with the Aroma rice cooker could be its thermal fuse causing the problem. The thermal fuse is a safety device in the rice cooker to prevent the rice cooker from overheating and catching fire. If the thermal fuse is faulty, the rice cooker may not turn on or shut off unexpectedly.

To check if the thermal fuse of your rice cooker is faulty, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the rice cooker and allow it to cool down.
  • Turn the rice cooker upside down and remove the screws from the bottom panel.
  • Now look for a thermal fuse. It would be a small, rectangular device with two wires connected near the heating element.
  • Put the multimeter’s “ohms” setting on, then place the probes on the thermal fuse’s two terminals. If the multimeter reads “OL” or infinity, the thermal fuse is faulty, and you need to replace it.

3. Change the heating Element

The heating element is the component of the rice cooker that heats the inner pot. If you notice that your aroma rice cooker is not heating up. This issue could happen due to two reasons:

  • The inner pot is not in contact with the heating element.
  • The heating element is faulty, and you need to replace it.

4. Detect the Fault in internal circuitry

When you press the cook button on the rice cooker, it does not turn on. The issue could be because of one of its internal circuits. Check the rice cooker’s internal connections for any problems.

5. Replace the burnt Light bulb

If you notice that the Aroma rice cooker warms up the food, its indicator light doesn’t work
whether the rice is cooking.

Follow these instructions to troubleshoot this problem.

  • Look for tips on replacing the rice cooker’s light bulb.
  • If the light bulb appears to be burnt out or damaged, you may need to replace it. Purchase a new compatible light bulb for your rice cooker.
  • If the light bulb looks fine, you can check the wiring to see if there are any loose or disconnected connections.

6. Buy a new Gasket

If you notice steam leaking from the cooker, it may be due to a faulty gasket. The gasket is a rubber or silicone ring that seals the lid of the crockpot to prevent steam from escaping. Here are some steps you can take to fix the issue:

  • Turn the cooker off and unplug it.
  • Look for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, tears, or holes in the gasket.
  • If the gasket is dirty, you can clean it in cold water using mild soap. Rinse the gasket thoroughly and let it air dry before reinstalling it.
  • Now reinstall it by pressing it firmly into the groove on the cooker’s lid.
  • After reinstalling the gasket, test the cooker to ensure it seals correctly. Fill the inner pot with water and turn it on. Let it heat up for a few minutes and check for any signs of steam escaping.

If the problem persists, change the gasket.

7. Fix the Error codes

Final Thoughts

The Aroma rice cooker is a popular choice for many households, as it is easy to use and produces consistent results. Due to their advanced features, there are different instructions to use Aroma Rice cookers. If your rice cooker causes any problems, you can try the above solutions.

We have also covered the cuckoo rice cooker: it’s a way to cook, clean and reset!


Why Won’t My Aroma Rice Cooker Switch To Cook?

If your Aroma rice cooker is not switching to the “cook” mode, there could be several reasons for this issue.

1. The rice cooker may not switch to the “cook” mode if there is insufficient water in the pot. Make sure to follow the recommended water-to-rice ratio for your rice cooker.
2. The power source is not working correctly.
3. If the rice cooker overheats, it may automatically shut off and not switch to the “cook” mode. This could be due to a malfunctioning temperature sensor or a blocked vent.

How Do I Reset My Rice Cooker?

The process of resetting a rice cooker can vary depending on the model, so it’s essential to consult your user manual for specific instructions. However, here are some general steps you can follow:

1. Unplug the rice cooker from the power outlet.
2. Wait for at least 5 minutes to allow the unit to cool down.
3. Press and hold down the “Reset” or “Cancel” button if your rice cooker has one.
4. While holding the “Reset” or “Cancel” button, plug the rice cooker back into the power outlet.
5. Hold the “Reset” or “Cancel” button for a few seconds until the rice cooker beeps or the display flashes. This flash indicates that the reset is done.

If the rice cooker does not have a “Reset” or “Cancel” button, you may need to unplug the unit from the power outlet and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in.

Does The Aroma Rice Cooker Have A Sensor?

Most Aroma rice cookers have a sensor that helps regulate the cooking process. The exact type of sensor and how it works can vary depending on the specific model of the rice cooker.

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