Cuckoo rice cooker not working

Cuckoo Rice cooker not working problems and their solutions

A good meal is flavorful and mouthwatering. Among the meal, when it comes to rice, if they are not soft and fluffy in taste, you wouldn’t enjoy them. Cooking rice may seem simple, but you discover how wrong you were as you get going. Everyone’s lives are made more accessible by the Cuckoo Rice Cooker, which is well regarded and is known to produce rice that is a tasty, fluffy, and shiny texture.

Cuckoo is a more than 40 years old Korean brand. Today, it has established itself as a highly valued brand due to its constant search for innovation. The cuckoo rice cooker is easy to set up. You need to maintain your cuckoo rice cooker properly. Otherwise, it will look messy and get stains.

But just like other electronic appliances, this one also has its problems. So, what if your cuckoo rice cooker doesn’t operate properly? You need to troubleshoot the problem and find some solutions to repair it.

We have prepared a list below to explore all the possible problems and find the solution in no time.

Why is your Cuckoo Rice Cooker not Working?

Cuckoo Rice Cooker is a remarkable mechanical appliance used frequently to prepare dinner swiftly after a busy day. It will save you a ton of time and effort. Like other electric appliances, the Cuckoo rice cooker may cause a few problems over time.

Electrical issues start to show up as mechanical components get a little older. Different owners will throw it away and get a new one. But with the proper steps, you can repair it and use it for longer.

11 Common Cuckoo Rice cooker Problems

11 common cuckoo rice cooker problems

So, what problems might you face in the cuckoo rice cooker, and how to solve them? Let’s discuss them!

1. Steam Leaking

A common problem that online users reported is that steam from the cooker from the side or top. This problem may come from various scenarios, as moisture may leak from either side or just one side of the cooker.

Steam escaping from both sides indicates that the cover packing is faulty. So, change the cover packing in this case to get a quick fix. The Cuckoo rice cooker Cover Packing is expected to last for at least a year, so in most cases, there shouldn’t be any issues before then. So when you see any damage to cover packing, get your cover packing changed immediately.

If the steam leaks from one side of the rice cooker, there may be a problem with the rice cooker itself. So, get in touch with the nearest service center to examine your range correctly.

2. The Gasket Problem

The gasket is the mechanical seal made of rubber that holds two surfaces together. The rubber parts could loosen up over time, making the rice cookers less efficient. Rubber may become loose from frequent or rough use.

The solution to this problem is prevention. When you open and close the lid, do it gently rather than slamming it. You should visit a nearby service center if you wish to fix the gasket or replace it.

3. Rice overcooked or undercooked

Rice over cooked or undercooked

You could enjoy the taste if the rice is over or undercooked. The rice may come off like this due to the following reasons:

  • When you use the wrong amount of water, use a water meter.
  • Wrong cooking setting. So, check the manual of the rice cooker for the correct settings.
  • Most rice cooker recipes have three steps, heating, settling, and cooking. To cook the rice precisely, complete each step. It will only cook partially.

4. Scratched inner surface

When you use metal utensils, the inner surface of your rice cooker may get scratched. It happens because the interior of the rice cooker is coated with non-stick material.

So, try not to use metal utensils when scooping out the rice. It will prevent the rice from properly cooking, harm the interior surface, and shorten the rice cooker’s functional life. So ultimately, your rice cooker will wear out much sooner.

5. Making strange Noises

Your rice cooker may make buzzing sounds when warming or cooking rice. These sounds are normal. It is the sound of the fan motor that is to cool the inner components.

Did you hear the “Chi” sound during the warming process?

This is the sound of the IH cooker operating. This sound is very typical. So don’t worry yourself if you hear such noises from the cooker.

6. Rice cooker not Turning On/Off

If the cuckoo rice cooker doesn’t turn on, it could be due to these issues.

  • First is the Power cord may have some issues. If you don’t find any obvious signs of wear, check if the power cable is OK. Try this by connecting the switch to various reliable outlets; the problem may be with the power cable if the cooker still doesn’t operate.
  • If the cord is not damaged, it gets power from multiple outlets. Replace the cable because it is the faculty one.

If the cuckoo rice cooker doesn’t turn off, it could be:

1. Broken switch
If the rice cooker is not turning off, it is due to the off button or knob being faulty. For such a case, you must get the unit tested.

2. You are not doing it right
There’s a chance the rice cooker is not damaged; instead, you might have misused it. Check the user manual once more to be sure you are operating the rice cooker correctly.

3. Using precooked rice
If you set precooked rice, it means rice is already cooked. Therefore, you must adjust the settings, so the rice doesn’t overcook.

7. Lid is not letting up

Another common issue with the cuckoo rice cooker is its lid won’t open. It often causes problems with the help of steam. So, the cover gets stuck, making it difficult to lift the top.

The best solution is to pour cold water over the top to cool it off. Do not attempt to lift the lid right away after running the water. Instead, wait until the top cools down completely before trying again.

8. Strange smell of rice

Are you getting a strange smell from the rice? It could be when you keep your rice cooker in warm mode for longer than 12 hours. Try this easy home remedy to get rid of the odd smell.

Fill one-fourth of the cooking pot with water. Then add One spoonful of warm vinegar. Use 1.5 teaspoons of vinegar if the odor is too unpleasant. After that, start your cooker and set a 30-minute cooking time. Remember to remove the pot and carefully clean it. 

This method will clear the airways and eliminate the scent from the rice cooker.

9. Cancel button doesn’t operate

If the cancel button doesn’t operate while cooking, check if the inner pot is hot. If you want to cancel while cooking, then continue to press the Cancel button for 2 seconds. When canceling, be mindful of hot steam emissions or contents that may splatter from the automatic steam outlet.

10. ” E _ _ ” sign appears

When such appears on display. It means there is some issue with the temperature sensor. Please get in touch with the service center or dealer.

11. Rice gets Burn

Even after being cooked in a rice cooker, rice can still burn. It starts from the bottom up. So the solution is to stir the rice each time. It will help keep the rice from sticking to the bottom and reduce the chance of rice getting burned.

Wrap Up

Rice cookers need your proper attention for a better cooking experience. Make the rice cooker convenient. If you encounter any problem with the cuckoo rice cooker, this guideline never abandons you. Your favorite rice cooker will last for years if you follow all the issues and solutions we have discussed.

Do you still face issues with your cuckoo rice cooker? Let’s try to reset it.


1. Why My Rice Cooker Is Not Working?

Your rice cooker may not work due to the following reasons:

1. Thermal cutoff
2. Power cord issue
3. The internal circuit broke.
4. You need help understanding the operation.

2. How Long Do Cuckoo Rice Cookers Last?

Generally speaking, rice cookers have a lifespan of up to 7-8 years with normal use and 3-5 years with heavy use.

3. Can A Rice Cooker Work Without A Fuse?

Yes, a rice cooker can be without a thermal fuse and should be safe. But if you remove this, the range could overheat and catch fire.

4. How Do You Change The Battery In A Tiger Rice Cooker?

Follow these simple steps to remove the battery in a Tiger rice cooker.

1. Unplug the rice cooker!
2. Remove the four screws from the base.
3. Lift the lid off carefully.
4. Remove the electronic board assembly.
5. Please remove the battery and replace it.

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