How to reset cuckoo rice cooker? 5 easy Steps

How to reset cuckoo rice cooker

The best rice is the one which is made right away when we want. And to make a tasty fluffy rice cuckoo, the rice cooker is the ideal kitchen appliance for you. But a suitable device may need help for you. Let’s imagine a situation where your rice cooker fails to cook the rice for you perfectly. But don’t worry; resetting your cuckoo rice cooker can repair almost all problems.

This guide will explain why you should reset your rice cooker. Then we will give you 4 to 5 quick steps to reset your cuckoo rice cooker. So, let’s get started!

Why should you reset the rice cooker?

Why should you reset the rice cooker?

When you reset your appliance, it will erase the settings you previously programmed into the rice cooker. The reset feature is our safety measure when nothing else is working. But only sometimes reset your appliance, and it is not a practical fix for minor problems. Resetting the cooker over and over will result in it not operating at all.

If you face the following problems, you may reset your rice cooker.

  • Electric appliances may cause issues and bugs when the buttons on the stoves stop functioning when pressed repeatedly. So, you reset your rice cooker in this situation. It will take care of this problem.
  • If you heard unusual clicking, beeping, or humming noises from your rice cooker during cooking.
  • If the function indicator lights keep pulsing at inappropriate times or show the wrong information.
  • When the rice cooker feature of reheating or any other stops working.

These are common problems that begin to appear with use. Make sure not to overdo the resetting as It might cause more harm than good, as we already mentioned.

How to Reset your Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

  1. Connect your range to a power supply.
  2. Turn on the rice cooker.
  3. You will see the ‘Cancel button .’Press and hold the Cancel button for five seconds.
  4. Then go to the ‘My mode’ function. This feature is used to reset all of the settings, such as to customize the taste of rice, warming, cooking, and keeping food warm during sleep.
  5. Then press the ‘Set’ button. When you press the Set button, you must put some pressure into it and hold onto your rice cooker because it might start sliding, especially if you’re on a marble surface or tile.

Your cuckoo rice cooker is reset now.

How do I change the language on Cuckoo rice cooker?

If you want to change the voice navigation from Korean to English. Here are the four steps:

1. Click “Auto Clean” once to enter changing mode.
2. To enter a voice change in language, press and hold “Auto Clean” for 3 seconds. You’ll notice the flashing of the Korean voice’s current setting, “0: 0,” in that format.
3. Press “Menu >” to switch the English voice from “0: 0” to “0: 1.” You will now hear an English voice.
4. To save and leave, press “Pressure Cook/ Glutin Turbo.”


Rice is the base of many dishes worldwide so a malfunctioning rice cooker can have dire effects on your meals. The appliances have many complex, sensitive parts that work together to ensure proper and secure operation. If your cuckoo rice cooker is not working, there’s a chance that one, two, or more of these are malfunctioning or completely broken.

Is there a proper way to use the cuckoo rice cooker and a method to clean the cuckoo rice cooker? Let’s learn!


1. How Do You Set The Clock On A Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

On the cuckoo rice cooker, you can set the time by using the Hrs”, and “Min/My Mode” icons. press it longer than one second. but when you are changing time, make sure you don’t shift A.M. and P.M. every time you click Hrs” button, the time gets increases after one hour.

2. Why Does Your Rice Look Uncooked Or Overcooked?

If your rice looks overcooked or uncooked, it could be due to one of these reasons:

1. You may either add too little or too much water when cooking it. To determine how much water to use for the rice you wish to make, refer to the water meter on the pot.
2. You select the wrong cooking settings. For that, refer to your user manual for proper cooking settings.
3. There are also three stages of cooking rice: 1. cooking 2. settling 3. warming stage.

Your rice will only be fully cooked and will turn out mushy if you open the rice cooker during Step 1 or Step 2. Please wait until the rice is at the 3rd stage, the warming stage, to ensure that rice is cooked correctly and deliciously.

3. How Do You Preset A Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

To use the preset function on the cuckoo rice cooker. Follow these simple steps.

1. Select the preset time to begin in 7 seconds when you press the ‘Preset button.’
2. Then click the ‘Time button’ to set the preset time.

4. Is Cuckoo Or Tiger Better?

Cuckoo and Tiger are both influential brands in Korea and Japan. Cuckoo is, without a doubt, a preferred option because of its reputation for excellence. Tiger is also terrific. The company has been in business for over 50 years, and its rice cookers have a strong reputation for durability.

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