Best Cuckoo Rice Cookers

Best cuckoo rice cookers
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As a homemaker who loves to cook, I know how the right kitchen appliance makes all the difference in the world. It provides you with ease and saves you time and effort. I’m excited to share my thoughts on the best Cuckoo rice cooker today. With our team of rice cooker experts, we’ve scoured the market and tested numerous products to bring you our top 10 picks for the best cuckoo rice cookers available.

Whether you’re a busy homemaker who wants a reliable appliance or a culinary enthusiast who enjoys experimenting with new recipes, we’ve got you covered. From sleek and stylish designs to advanced features of the cuckoo rice cooker, we’ve found something for everyone.

This article lets us guide you through the top cuckoo rice cookers on the market today!

Best Overall
CUCKOO CRP-P1009SW Rice Cooker
  • Capacity: 10 Cups
  • Material:: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 15.6 x 11.5 inches
Runner Up
Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR Rice Cooker
  • Capacity: 6 Cups
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 12.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 10.6 x 10.1 inches
Budget Friendly
Cuckoo CR-0351F Rice Cooker
  • Capacity: 3 Cups
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.9 x 7.8 inches

Top 10 Cuckoo Rice Cookers to Buy in 2024

It can be hard to cook rice perfectly, but not with a Cuckoo Rice Cooker. Cuckoo has been a trusted brand for rice cookers for many years. It offers various models with different features to meet multiple needs.

1. CUCKOO CRP-P1009SW Rice Cooker

Best Overall
CUCKOO CRP-P1009SW Rice Cooker


  • Its LED display panel has 12 menu options for quick food preparation.
  • It has smart features like simple touch controls, a preset timer, an auto-clean function, and Fuzzy Logic technology.
  • The cooker can serve perfect rice to up to 10 people.
  • The soft, quiet pressure release and overheating alarm ensure a safe cooking experience.
  • Its cleanup is easy with its nonstick polymer surface.

Are you looking for the perfect rice cooker for your large family? Look no further than the Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW rice cooker! With its intelligent cooking algorithm, this cooker can serve up to 10 people and always ensures perfect rice. Plus, with its warming feature, your rice will stay warm and ready to eat even after cooking.

This versatile machine can do much more than cook rice. It has 12 menu settings to make porridge, steamed vegetables, cooked meat, and desserts. The cleanup is easy with its nonstick polymer surface and automatic cleaning cycle.

Also, it automatically releases pressure gently and quietly, so you can have peace of mind while cooking with this rice cooker. An overheating alarm alerts you if the internal or external temperature gets too high, putting your safety first.

Customers adore this Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW rice cooker and appreciate its versatility and ease of use. Like some users, you may experience the rice turning brown or yellow after a short period. You can avoid this by following the usage instructions carefully. Overall, this cuckoo model’s performance is excellent and ideal for big family gatherings.

2. Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR Rice Cooker

Runner Up
Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR Rice Cooker


  • It is fully programmable with an LCD and 15 cooking functions.
  • It comes with voice navigation in Korean, English, and Chinese
  • The rice cooker utilizes fuzzy logic and an intelligent cooking algorithm.
  • It has induction heating for optimal temperature and heat distribution.
  • The X-wall diamond-coated inner bowl provides professional quality cooking.

The following product on the list is Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR. Like other cuckoo rice cookers, it has an egg-like shape and sleek design. If we look at the primary features of the rice cooker, it has an LCD which is easy to read and voice navigation for Korean, English, and Chinese. The 15 cooking functions provide a wide range of cooking options to make a whole meal for your gatherings.

What sets this Cuckoo rice cooker apart from other rice cookers is its faster and smarter cooking capabilities. The rice cooker detects the grain type, temperature, and cooking time with fuzzy logic and an intelligent cooking algorithm. So, it ensures that your favourite foods are always cooked to excellence.

The inner pot has an X-wall diamond that brings optimal temperature and heat distribution throughout the food. The nonstick and non-scratch surface ensures easy cleaning. It has a one-touch cover lid release button which is convenient and hassle-free.

Cuckoo focuses on safety, and this rice cooker has all the essential safety features. It feels secure using this rice cooker in the house because it has automated steam and pressure emission, a lid-locking mechanism, automatic temperature control, and an overheating alarm.

3. Cuckoo CR-0351F Rice Cooker

Budget Friendly
Cuckoo CR-0351F Rice Cooker


  • The cooker has a 3-cup capacity suitable for small families or individuals.
  • Its nonstick coating inner pot prevents rice from sticking to the surface.
  • It uses fuzzy logic technology and an intelligent Cooking Algorithm to always make the best price for you.
  • It has a turbo-cooking feature that prepares rice in just 12 minutes.
  • The cooker also has a reheating function.
  • The compact design of the cooker is easy to store in small kitchens.

The first cuckoo rice cooker option on the list is the Cuckoo CR-0351F. I ordered it in my favourite green colour and loved its egg shape here. It’s a 3-cup rice cooker, but it still does a fantastic job of making perfect rice every time.

When I unboxed the rice cooker, the package came with a novelty because it was packed with a carton that was like an egg carton. An instruction manual, measuring cup, and nicely wrapped spatula is at the top. I got my green cuckoo rice cooker wrapped up when I took the carton up.

Now if I talk about this cuckoo rice cooker model, this is a basic model with few features like other cuckoo models. But it still makes some of the best-tasting rice you ever had. There are five different cooking settings: Glutinous Rice, Mixed/Brown Rice, Turbo Glutinous rice, porridge, and steam. It’s the perfect size for my small family, holding up to three cups of uncooked rice. Plus, it uses the same smart cooking algorithm as more expensive models to ensure perfectly cooked rice every time.

Now let’s talk about the cleaning process of this model. Its auto steam cleaning system makes sterilizing and removing stains quick and easy. You have to wipe the inner pot with a cloth. Do you know how to clean a cuckoo rice cooker? Overall, this rice cooker is a steal for the price. It has a few fancy features, but it gets the job done well.

4. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker

Best Electric Rice Cooker
Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker


  • The rice cooker uses intelligent algorithms and Fuzzy logic technology.
  • It has a keep-warm mode stay. Rice warm for up to 12 hours.
  • It can hold up to 6 cups of uncooked rice.
  • The stainless steel X-Wall inner pot features a premium nonstick diamond coating.
  • It has safety features like a Safe steam release, overheating alarm, secondary pressure release lock etc.

If you’re looking for a rice cooker that offers style and substance, look no further than the Cuckoo CRP-P0609s rice cooker. When I first unboxed this rice cooker, I fell for its elegant design. The black rose colour of the cooker adds beauty to my kitchen counter.

One of its most unique features is the built-in voice function. It plays a cheerful jingle and provides updates on each stage of the cooking process in multiple languages. While it’s certainly more of a “fun” feature, it’s a nice touch and allows you to focus on other tasks in the kitchen without constantly checking on the rice. The nonstick surface of the cooker is also remarkable since it avoids using Teflon, which can sometimes leave burnt rice stuck to the bottom. With this rice cooker, I consistently get the rice cooked to perfection from top to bottom without worrying about unwanted chemicals in my food.

Another feature I like about this cooker is the self-sanitizing function. It uses hot water to sanitize the cooker. However, this function does not replace the regular cleaning of the rice cooker. It also has 6 cups of capacity and 11 cooking settings. You also got safety cooking features here. It has a pressure control device, a secondary pressure release lock, a checking device, a thermal fuse, and more. I also like two-layer soft steam caps that allow for a safer steam release when cooking. It could be difficult for some users to understand the instructions, especially those new to using a rice cooker or unfamiliar with the specific model in question.

5. Cuckoo CRP-JHSR0609F Rice Cooker

Best Multifunctional Rice Cooker
Cuckoo CRP-JHSR0609F Rice Cooker


  • The Cuckoo rice cooker uses induction heating technology to make cooking quick and efficient.
  • It has a 304-grade stainless steel cooking pot with a premium nonstick diamond coating.
  • It features LED touch-controls, a 3-language voice guide, a preset timer, and reheat and keep-warm functions.
  • This rice cooker is versatile and ideal for any meal with its 13 menu options.
  • It also has an auto-clean function for effortless deep cleaning.

If you want a rice cooker to cook just anything, this one is for you. It uses heat induction technology surrounding the inner pot, making cooking more efficient than traditional rice cookers using bottom heat. I can cook white rice in as little as 20 minutes. Its energy-saving smart algorithm detects the grain type and internal temperature to ensure delicious, cooked rice every time.

The inner pot is premium quality and made from 304 food-grade stainless steel. It also features X-Wall nonstick diamond coating, which distributes heat optimally and is scratch-resistant. I also love the LED touch controls and the three-language voice guide: Korean, Chinese, and English.

The Cuckoo CRP-JHSR0609F Rice Cooker is multifunctional, with a 6-cup capacity and thirteen menu options, including brown rice, white rice, pressure cook, and multi-cook. And when it’s time to clean up, the auto-clean function makes deep cleaning the cooker effortless.

Remember that this rice cooker has a larger footprint than other six-cup rice cookers. So, make sure you have enough counter space to accommodate it. It is more expensive than other rice cookers and offers much more functionality.

6. CUCKOO CRP-HS0657FW Rice Cooker

Best Induction Rice Cooker
CUCKOO CRP-HS0657FW Rice Cooker


  • It can hold up to 6 cups of uncooked rice, making it ideal for large families.
  • The Inner pot is made of nonstick material for easy cleaning.
  • Its 11 cooking options offer you a variety of meals to cook.
  • The Induction heating technology surrounds the inner pot for faster cooking.
  • It has an Energy-saving innovative algorithm to detect grain type and internal temperature for precise cooking.
  • It has Safety features, including automatic temperature control and pressure control etc.

Next, the product on our list is the best induction rice cooker, i.e., the Cuckoo CR-HS0657FW rice cooker. If you prefer a rice cooker with induction pressure, let’s discover this cuckoo rice cooker. I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. There are 11 menu options brown rice, glutinous/white rice, Gaba rice, sushi rice, pressure cook, nu rung Ji, and multi-cook, which means you can prepare various meals in this rice cooker.

Its inner pot features a high-quality x-wall nonstick coating that makes it easy to clean the interior after each use. The inner pot is also scratch-proof and long-lasting. An auto clean feature also helps to clean the rice cooker effortlessly deeply. It uses induction pressure cooking technology, featuring pressurized heat circulation in the rice cooker. Technology infuses the flavours and spices deep into the ingredients, ensuring vibrant flavours in every bite. The high temperature and pressure also break down the tough fibres in meats, making them incredibly tender and juicy.

Let’s talk about its size. It is compact and only occupies a little space on your kitchen counter. Its capacity is 6 cups, which is best to feed your hungry family of 4. Its superior cooking algorithm ensures you always get deliciously cooked rice that is sweet and has a sticky texture.

Sixteen safety features like automatic steam emission, malfunction indicator, lock checking device and thermal fuse. A few issues you may face could be the voice guide and formula book are in Korean, whereas instructions are in English. It’s a significant investment if you benefit from all the cooking settings.

7. Cuckoo CRP-RT0609FW Rice Cooker

Best By Performance
Cuckoo CRP-RT0609FW Rice Cooker


  • It has a twin Pressure Knob that enables you to select High Pressure or Non-Pressure for maximum customization easily.
  • It offers 12 menu options like GABA, TURBO, Mixed Rice, Porridge, Baby food, Scorched Rice, Warm and reheated etc.
  • The dual Motion Gasket makes perfect sealing to keep meals nice and warm.
  • The Solenoid Valve releases steam safely after cooking is completed.
  • You can clean your whole rice cooker with the touch of a button.
  • Its water drainage system collects excess water condensation to keep food tasting fresh.

This rice cooker offers high-performance rice cooking technology in a sophisticated design. The cutting-edge appliance has several functions that make it essential for any home cook. It has a twin pressure knob that helps to easily select high-pressure or non-pressure settings for optimal customization and cooking various meals.

Talking about meal prep, the cooker has a lot on its menu options. The menu includes GABA, Glutinous, Porridge, TURBO, Baby food, Mixed Rice, High Pressure, Non-Pressure, Scorched Rice, Warm, Reheat, and Auto Clean. It means you can cook various rice dishes and get a quick clean.

The dual motion gasket is another excellent function that ensures the perfect lid sealing to the cooker’s body. The gasket uses two motions to create a tight seal that prevents steam and heat from escaping. This feature is handy in keeping meals warm and fresh for extended periods. Its water Drainage System collects excess water condensation to keep food tasting fresh and prevent odours from occurring.

8. Cuckoo CRP-FHVR1008L Rice Cooker

Best Energy Efficient
Cuckoo CRP-FHVR1008L Rice Cooker


  • The rice cooker has a full-screen colour LCD with touch and slide controls for easy navigation.
  • Voice navigation and a menu of 61 recipes are available in Korean and Chinese.
  • The induction heating (bottom, side, and lid) generates heat evenly for even cooking.
  • Its Pressure cooking preserves nutrients and shortens cooking time with 2 ATM pressure cooking.
  • The cooker has a GABA mode to cook delicious and healthy brown rice with less soak time.
  • The Smart Algorithm DSP technology matches your taste preferences.
  • The cooker has 19 pre-programmed functions.

The Cuckoo CRP-FHVR1008L is a high-end rice cooker that has quickly become a favourite in my rice cooker collection. It has an easy interface; you can touch and slide the LCD to select your desired settings. The display will show you options and help you choose what you need. The rice cooker also has a voice navigation system and a menu with 61 recipes for you to try out.

It is the inner pot, and the detachable cover lid is high-quality 304 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is commonly used in cookware because it’s safe for cooking and very durable. You can easily clean it in the dishwasher. The inner pot also has a heat-responsive aluminium core base, which helps to distribute heat while cooking rice evenly.

There are 19 pre-programmed features on this rice cooker, including Chicken Soup, Sushi Rice, Ferment Bread, Porridge, Bread Baking, and more. It makes it a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for different cooking needs, including fermenting yoghurt and cheese at home.

Another standout feature is the Power Save feature that automatically turns the unit into a saving mode when it detects darkness in the room. The luminance sensor of the cooker recognizes the ambient brightness during standby, cooking, warming, and preset timer modes. This feature helps minimize the product’s power consumption, making it energy efficient. However, it’s a bit expensive but a significant investment if you want a multifunctional and long-lasting rice cooker.

9. CUCKOO CR-0375F Rice Cooker

Best By Price
CUCKOO CR-0375F Rice Cooker


  • This rice cooker has nine menu options that allow you to prepare various dishes.
  • With a 6-cup capacity, this rice cooker is perfect for individuals or couples.
  • It has user-friendly digital controls and operates on Fuzzy Logic technology.
  • Its non-toxic nonstick inner pot is durable and makes cleaning easy.

Suppose you are tight on budget and still want a reliable cuckoo rice cooker. It is the most suitable model for you to get. If you are getting this cuckoo rice cooker, the first thing you would fall for is its compact and cute design.

It’s perfect for small apartments or kitchens with little counter space. Although small, it can still cook up to 3 cups of rice at a time, which is plenty for a small family or a single person. The cooking process is easy. The rice cooker has Fuzzy technology, clear instructions, and an intuitive control panel.

It has a multi-cook function can prepare everything from porridge to nine other menu options. Another fantastic feature is the nonstick inner pot. It keeps the rice from sticking to the bottom and is simple to clean. Overall, the Cuckoo CR-0375F is for anyone looking for a compact, affordable, and efficient rice cooker.

10. CUCKOO CR-0655F Micom Rice Cooker

Best Compact Size
CUCKOO CR-0655F Micom Rice Cooker


  • This Cuckoo Micom Rice Cooker has a sleek and compact design.
  • Its 'My Mode' function has 16 rice flavours and textures customization.
  • It has a 'Keep warm' function to maintain optimal serving temperature for hours.
  • Its 6-cup capacity is ideal for feeding a family of 4.
  • Set the rice's ready time with the 'Delay timer’ up to 13 hours in advance.

The following product on our list is the Cuckoo CR-0655F rice cooker. The first thing that immediately caught my attention was its compact size. It only takes up a little space on the countertop. So, it’s perfect for small kitchens or anyone who wants to save space. But don’t let its small size fool you. This rice cooker can cook up to six cups of rice, which is ideal for small families or meal prepping.

Like other cuckoo models, it also uses intelligent cooking algorithms to give the best results every time. Whether you want to cook white rice, brown rice, or sushi rice, this cooker covers you. When the rice is finished cooking, the warming feature turns on automatically to keep your rice warm and ready to eat.

But what sets this rice cooker model apart is its many uses. It has a multi-cooking function that allows you to cook dishes besides rice. You can steam vegetables, cook soup, make porridge, and even bake a cake! It makes it an excellent investment for anyone who loves to cook and wants a small, versatile appliance that can do it all.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cuckoo Rice Cooker

factors to consider when buying a cuckoo rice cooker

Cuckoo is a reputable brand with many models for rice cookers. So, it is essential to keep some factors in mind so that you can get a suitable rice cooker for you.

If you are planning to purchase a new Cuckoo rice cooker, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with its usage instructions and learn how to reset it properly. It will ensure that you get the most out of your new appliance and can troubleshoot any potential issues.

1. Size

How much rice do you cook frequently? You may need a larger rice cooker if you often have a large family or host gatherings. If you have limited counter space or cook for yourself or another person, a smaller rice cooker may be a better fit.

2. Features

Cuckoo rice cookers have different features, so consider what you need in a rice cooker. Do you need multiple cooking modes, a voice navigation system, auto cleaning, more safety features, or a keep-warm function? Some rice cookers have pressure cooking capabilities or can make other dishes, like baby food, soups, or stews. Make sure the rice cooker you choose has the features you need.

3. Inner pot material

Consider the material of the inner pot. Stainless steel is a popular and durable option, but some rice cookers may have a nonstick coating. Most cuckoo rice cooker models use a quality x-wall nonstick coating that is scratch-proof and gives easy cleaning. However, metal utensils can cause the inner pot to get scratched, and it cause the cuckoo rice cooker to stop working.

4. Warranty

Check the warranty before making your purchase. A more extended warranty can give you peace of mind and protect your investment. Some rice cookers may come with a one or two-year warranty, while others may offer more extended warranties or additional coverage.

5. Price

Cuckoo rice cookers come in different price ranges, so consider your budget. Remember that a higher price may mean better quality and more features, but finding a rice cooker that fits your budget is essential.

Final Verdict

Cuckoo rice cookers have a strong reputation in the market for their advanced features, reliable performance, and quality construction. These rice cookers are manufactured by the Korean brand Cuckoo Electronics, which has been producing rice cookers for over 40 years. With a wide range of cuckoo rice cooker options on the market, selecting the right one can be daunting. But worry not; we are here to make the selection process easier.

If you are still trying to decide which cuckoo rice cooker is best for you, we also provide recommendations based on our research and analysis to help you make an informed decision.


1. What Are The Main Differences Between Zojirushi And Cuckoo Rice Cookers?

Zojirushi and Cuckoo rice cookers are high-quality brands with advanced features but differ in design, price range, and specific features. Get to know more about the Cuckoo vs Zojirushi guide.

2. Are Cuckoo Rice Cookers Easy To Clean?

Yes, most cuckoo rice cookers have a nonstick inner pot. So they are easy to clean. Rinse the pot with water and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

3. Are Cuckoo Rice Cookers Energy Efficient?

Yes, cuckoo rice cookers are energy efficient. They use fuzzy logic technology to adjust the cooking time and temperature based on the amount and type of rice being cooked, which helps to conserve energy.

4. Do Cuckoo Rice Cookers Have A Warranty?

Most cuckoo rice cookers come with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and quality. The length of the warranty varies depending on the model and the manufacturer.

5. What Is The Price Range Of Cuckoo Rice Cookers In 2024?

The price range of the Cuckoo rice cookers in 2024 varies from around $200 to $600, depending on the model and the features. Some high-end models may even cost more than $600.

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